The Leftovers Feat. K K Konradsson. Album release at the grand opening...

Koppel och symbios II / Leash and symbiosis II (sketch for a painting). 2011

La grande angoisse. Triptych. 2010

Time out. 2010

Darling, du skymmer TV:n / Honey, you're blocking the telly. 2010

Joy of work. Featuring Kostmann. 2009

Way Out West (I've been down so long it looks like up to me). 2010

Last Christmas was a fuckin' nightmare. 2009

The Leftovers and the Absent Bygones (the album's still to come). 2009

There's no looking back. 2009

Tales from a park bench, just another bad rerun. 2009

Fidel and Fifi. 2008

Hasta la vista. Featuring Konrad Konrad Konradsson (sketch for a painting). 2009

Satumaa / Sagolandet / Fairytale land. 2008

Frukost i det gröna / Breakfast on the grass. 2008

Koppel och symbios / Leash and symbiosis (sketch for a painting). 2008

Finding harmony in daily life. 2008



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